Fakultät Informatik

From an Erasmus semester to a PhD in Computer Science, Juan Haladjian took great advantage of the career opportunities offered by the TUM.

I first came into contact with the TUM in 2008 when I moved from Spain to pursue an Erasmus program. Back then, I had no clue what was awaiting me. I didn’t speak German and had never lived alone before. I found myself dealing with new situations such as finding a room, applying for health insurance, opening a new bank account, registering at city hall, etc. Catching up from my different background at the university was also a great challenge. While surviving this semester definitely contributed to my personal and professional development, I felt that it was just the beginning.

I came back to Munich in 2009 and enrolled in the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Master’s Program. CSE is a special program, different from the traditional Master of Informatics. It combines mathematics, physics and computer science with the purpose of performing scientific simulations such as heat diffusion or fluid dynamic simulations. While my mathematical background posed some difficulties in the beginning, I was able to finish the program with excellent grades. A source of great motivation for me was the close contact with my classmates and social activities, such as hiking trips and Christmas parties, organized by program coordinators.

Studying at the TUM provided me with great career opportunities. I received different offers to work as a student assistant at the university and obtained a position as a Werkstudent (student job) in the industry through TUM’s Job Database. I also participated in the Ferienakademie, a summer school offered every year to the most gifted students. At the Ferienakademie, I spent two weeks coding a game for kids. The project was supervised by Prof. Brügge, who later became my Master’s thesis supervisor and PhD advisor.

I am very satisfied with my achievements so far and I would like to encourage readers to leave any of their fears behind and to pursue new challenges.

Juan Haladjian