Fakultät Informatik

Lorenzo Pirritano is a student of Informatics who is in the process of doing his Master´s degree. He came from the University of Pisa in Italy to study at the TUM as an exchange student as part of the European exchange program known as Erasmus.

After the first year of his master studies, he came to the TUM for a six month exchange program.

At the moment I am working on my Master’s thesis at the TUM. In the past year, I decided that it was the right time to gain some experience abroad and I applied to the Erasmus program.. I had found several destinations in Europe interesting but I opted for Munich,from the beginning because I was fascinated by the German culture. Later I realized that the TUM was also a highly rated university. Despite the fact that I had a basic knowledge of German, I can now say that it was the right choice because of the international environment. The university has excellent programs, several courses are held in English and there are different levels of German language courses for foreign students (an inexpensive intensive course and a free normal course during the semester, which I successfully attended).Exchange students at the TUM are considered regular students and can choose from a wide range of theoretical courses that the TUM offers and have access to most of the practical courses. In team, they can get involved in interesting projects applied to the real world.. Besides that, there are plenty of activities for international students organized by the TUM International office which makes it almost impossible to get homesick!I received friendly support from professors, assistants, the faculty staff and the international office, and I enjoyed the first semester of my exchange so much that I decided to stay a semester longer and applied for the thesis that I am currently working on.I am seriously considering returning to the TUM to do my  postgraduate studies.Sure, I made a good decision in choosing to study in München. The city is really nice but you must be sure to have enough money for your stay before you get here. The cost of living could be higher here than in other cities in Europe, but for students there are many advantages and a good selection of facilities are made available.