Fakultät Informatik


Applied Software Engineering

Prof. B. Brügge
 to Chair

Formal Languages, Compiler Construction, Software Construction

Prof. H. Seidl
 to Chair

Database Systems

Prof. A. Kemper, Prof. S. Günnemann
 to Chair

Software and Systems Engineering

Prof. K-R. Moll,
Prof. E. Denert, Prof. H. Schwärtzel
 to Chair

Scientific Computing

Prof. H-J. Bungartz, Prof. T. Huckle, Prof. M. Bader
 to Chair

Robotics and Embedded Systems

Prof. A. Knoll, Prof. D. Burschka,
Prof. G. Hirzinger,
Prof. M. Althoff
 to Chair

Foundations of Software Reliability and Theoretical Computer Science

Prof. J. Esparza, Prof. T. Runkler, Prof. J. Křetínský
 to Chair

Network Architectures and Services

Prof. G. Carle
 to Chair

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Prof. D. Cremers
Prof. C. Steger
 to Chair

Computer Technology and Computer Organization

Prof. A. Bode, Prof. H. M. Gerndt
 to Chair

Connected Mobility

Prof. J. Ott, Prof. A. Brüggemann-Klein
 to Chair


Prof. B. Rost, Prof. J. Gagneur
 to Chair

Business Informatics II

Prof. H.-A. Jacobsen
 to Chair

Operating Systems

Prof. U. Baumgarten
 to Chair

Theoretical Computer Science

Prof. S. Albers, Prof. H. Räcke
 to Chair

Computer Graphics and Visualization

Prof. R. Westermann, Prof. N. Thuerey
 to Chair

Computer Aided Medical Procedures

Prof. N. Navab, Prof. G. Klinker,
Prof. B. Menze
 to Chair

Business Informatics

Prof. M. Krcmar, Prof. A.-W. Scheer
 to Chair

Decision Sciences & Systems

Prof. M. Bichler, Prof. F. Brandt
 to Chair

Software Engineering for Business Applications

Prof. F. Matthes
 to Chair

IT Security

Prof. C. Eckert
 to Chair

Logic and Verification

Prof. T. Nipkow,
Prof. L. C. Paulson
 to chair

Software Engineering

Prof. A. Pretschner
 to chair

Sensor Based Robot Systems and Intelligent Assistance Systems

Prof. A. Albu-Schäffer
 to chair

Cyber Trust

Prof. J. Großklags
 to Chair

Data Science and Engineering

Prof. T. Neumann
 to Chair

Didactics in Computer Science

Prof. P. Hubwieser
 to Chair


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