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Intercultural Certificate, Department of Informatics

Among their many activities, some of our students volunteer for the MINGA Mentoring Program, plan a stay abroad, or take language courses that do not count towards their course of study. Alternatively, those enrolled on one of our English-language master’s programs attend courses to learn more about German customs and work environments, as well as the German language. However, these extracurricular activities generally do not appear on their grade report.

Does this sound like you? If so, the Intercultural Certificate at the Department of Informatics may be just what you're looking for! 

The Mobility Certificate is tailored to German-speaking students coming from within the German educational system and planning a stay abroad. The Integration Certificate is intended for international degree students (those coming from outside the German educational system).

 Mobility               Integration

Target Group 
Register for the option that matches your profile! This is how the Department of Informatics wishes to acknowledge and document your achievements in the area of international and intercultural understanding. Please note that this offer is intended for students enrolled in a fulltime BSc or MSc degree program in our department. Due to limited capacity, certificate programs are not open to foreign exchange students (incoming) or doctoral candidates.

Time period
During their studies at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), our students can attend extracurricular courses in four areas – Intercultural Education and Language; Study Abroad or Practical Experience in Germany; Student Engagement, and Ambassador Function – and upload verification of participation in the respective areas to the portal at the end of their studies.

Further questions? 
Consult our   FAQs and/or attend our advising sessions, where you have the opportunity to inform yourself in detail about the entire process for the ICC  Mobility and  Integration, respectively. There you find our checklists for your orientation. One-to-one advising is only available in exceptional circumstances.


Contact and Coordination Intercultural Certificate


Consultation: Mondays, 2-3pm in  MI 00.09.035