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Evgenia Pavlova is in her 4th semester of “Informatics: Games Engineering” (Bachelor)

I grew up in Munich – but originally, I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I already enjoyed Computer Science lessons when I was at grammar school, and I have always been fascinated by well-designed computer games. Thus, I wanted to turn my hobby into a profession. I addressed the Student Counselling Centre at the Department of Informatics to obtain information about the study course “Informatics: Games Engineering” and then applied online. I wanted to study at TUM because the university has an excellent reputation and is regarded the first point of contact in the industry. Apart from that, it was the only university that offers Games Engineering as a course of studies.

I did not have to prepare a lot for the aptitude test. We were supposed to explain why we are interested in this course, specifically. For the mathematics test, it was enough to be familiar with the usual school mathematics. The course of studies itself has a strong focus on Informatics – you should be aware of that. Initially, I had expected that it would be more about Games Design – about drawing, planning and designing – but soon after the courses started, the lectures quickly focused on aspects of programming. However, the department has many other interesting offers to compensate for the “lack of design-topics”. The course of studies leaves a lot of room for creative development.

We can work on projects independently during the semester, starting right from scratch, and are able to present our small projects at an early stage of our studies. This is a huge motivation. In any case, I can only recommend the course. During and outside the lecture times, for example, you can really live it up in the freshly opened “GamesLab”, which offers everything a techie could wish for. Not only does it feature state-of-the art hardware and software for gaming, but also powerful PCs and software for games development. The lecture schedule leaves enough free time for individual interests. The lectures on “Storyworlds” are highly recommendable.

In case there are any questions or problems, there are a lot of groups on the faculty’s facebook pages that offer assistance or a possibility to exchange views. All in all, there is a very pleasant atmosphere: The fellow students are friendly; the professors are open to questions and will gladly consider suggestions made by students. I really appreciate that.

My advice for freshers is to take advantage of all projects and offers. Don’t just stick to the mandatory lecture program. Self-discipline and persistence in solving problems are important character traits you should bring along for this course of studies too. 


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