Fakultät Informatik

Measures for the Improvement of Teachings

On this page you'll find an overview of the ongoing arrangements for the period 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2018.

  • Implementation of a student  Infopoint: A central contact point has been established for students looking for answers to general organizational questions. Need for information will be satisfied immediately on-site. Competent consultation or at least advice about a contact person will be given.
  • Reinforcement of the  Student Advisory Service: The student advisory service team has been reinforced with additional staff. The Student Advisory Service's business hours have been extended, information material has been created and information presentations have been organized.
  • Since 01.04.2017: Funding of Excursions and Research Expeditions: The students should get an advanced opportunity to visit external projects in companies. More information at  Exkursionen - Abrechnung (IN-intern) (Intranet).
  • Funding of Preparation Camps for (Programming) Contests
  • Improvement of Teaching Materials and the  Script Situation: Expansion and financing of the creation of new scripts/lecture notes or innovative new teaching materials and printing of existing scripts/lecture notes.
  • Creation of digital  Lecture Recordings: Digital recordings of lectures will be prepared, which will facilitate postprocessing.
  • Accompanying  German Language Courses: A German language course (Sprachtutorium) for the duration of the term has been established for international students. It meets the needs of this target group and serves to support the improvement of the technical language competence.
  •  German Matters program for English speaking Master's students: German Matters is a special German language learning program designed for English speaking Master's students with no prior German knowledge. Within three semesters students will obtain a solid intermediate level of German (B1.2 level). The program is very intensive and demanding and only a limited number of students can be admitted.
  • Best Teaching Award: Through the introduction of the Best Teaching Award the motivation of the teachers has increased. The award ceremony which takes place on "Faculty Celebration Day" will be performed by two jurors. The Best Teaching Award is a money prize of 500 Euro given to scientists and student tutors.
  • Advisor for Quality Assurance Measures
  • Support for the Dean of Studies: An increase in human resources in the office the dean of studies will lead to support of the dean. Besides the duties and responsibilities which directly unburden the dean of studies, additional measures must be implemented to improve service to students.
  • Improvement of Introduction Days: Financing of T-shirts for the tutors in order to increase their recognizability for first semester students during the Introduction Days.


Advisor for Quality Assurance Measures
Birgit Rosenbaum


+49 89-289-18193

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